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Danny J. Johnson; owner of and maliciously deleted a season of our reality show from our Facebook page.

He was a crew member of the show, helping with the SolarBoatChronicles. Being a webmaster he was entrusted to take care of our website and Facebook page. He took over working on the website and changed who actually created it to show he had, there was the first clue he wasn't morally right, as he did very little to change it, if any. He was asked to leave the boat due to his conduct; excessive drinking to the point of repeatedly being abusive and belligerent.

This is someone you wouldn't want to trust with your lively hood of something as important as your web presence, or your daughter as he violated a crew member of 18yrs on one of those drunken evenings. Cheating on the one at home. Now the truth comes out.

Don't *** on a skunk if you don't want to get sprayed by him!

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #794747

He violated someone and you didn't report it to police? That makes you an accessory!

I don't know exactly what you do but I sure wouldn't hire someone who brings personal squabbles to a complaints site. Most professional people would have left out the details of drunkeness and such if only to protect them from a libel lawsuit -either way it screams chicken$hit.

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